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We are complete performance management platform for frontline people,
sales force and deskless workers.

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Smart rewarding


Social learning





of growth!

Our Cients


of users

Are regularly achieving the quantitative goal

Magdalena Kotowska, Customer Engagement Head PL

Sanofi Polska



and users are still highly active on the platform

Krzysztof Głowala, Business Development Specialist , Vision Express

Vision Express

We are


by the professionalism and commitment
of all project members from one2tribe

Małgorzata Woody, Director of HR management departments

Vienna Life


cost reduction

in managing competition prizes

Adam Głodek, Agile-SME/MC Management Center

ING Bank Śląski

Focus on the Goal

Boost performance every day

Accelerate progress by providing step-by-step guidance

Focus people to act here and now

51% more undertaken tasks.
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Use a variety of schemes & tools
to maximize the business effect

Get the best of on-the-job learning, microlearning
& social learning

Forget long and complicated e-learning

65% better results compared to classical e-learning
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Use a powerful tool to achieve extraordinary results
in a fun way.

Hundreds of possibilities: competitions,
challenges, rankings, social interactions,
instant rewards
, and more.

Unique know-how

We’ve spent the last 17 years making games.
Use our expirience.
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Social Network

Empower frontline people to share their experience

Make your team stay connected

Spread the best practice a mile a minute

24% sharing loop.
Accelerate learning from best-performers.
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Measure ROI of rewarding to optimize the budget

All different types of rewards: items, cash, benefits and more

Everything you need in one tool.

4.7 times more effective than standard bonus systems.
27% cost-reduction compared to competitions.
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ROI Based Management

Organize and measure your communication using ROI indicator. Keep your actions workable

Save time & money. Reach, motivate and learn the right people in the very right moment

Use an intelligent budget management panel to keep it under control

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Use a proven solution and make your strategic goals happen!

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