Compensa TU na Życie

Gamified program for property insurance agents to encourage life insurance offers.

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Compensa TU na Życie

Compensa Dystrybucja is a sales structure that offers a full range of life and property insurance products of Compensa TU and Compensa Życie. Agent work both: stationary and mobile. It is a dispersed structure based on various forms of cooperation between agents and the company.

Goals and assumptions of the program:

The client was looking for a tool to activate insurance agents to offer all the range of insurance policies. 2key activities were identified as crucial to increase sales:

  • rising regularity in arranging meetings with clients;
  • motivating agents to focus more on life insurance.

Program scenarios were different according to the experience in offering life insurance.

Main goals defined in the project:

  • enhance good habits of daily and weekly routine instead of cumulated work at the end of the month or quarter
  • build a strong knowledge about all range of products
  • increase the number of contacts connected with a life insurance offer

Implementation and cooperation

We called the program: "Time for Life - Play Sales". It was designed to be very dynamic&attractive for all agents. Additionally, not only motivating to put more effort but also practical in providing knowledge & skills.  

We have created a behavioral model to implement and defined knowledge and skills needed to be developed.

Communication in the program was organized in 3 main campaigns:

  • habits - building and conservation of daily and weekly habits
  • education - developing knowledge& skills
  • KPIs tracking - regular contacts with clients, offering, insurance premium

Participants were invited to use the Tribeware app on their mobiles or computers. On a daily basis, they were given short tasks designed according to our designed model.

During the two-month program:

  • over 100 tasks were completed by users
  • over 70 discussions were started
  • 90% of users picked the mobile application
  • users logged in to the platform more than 2,200 times

Participants found the platform very helpful at work and over 70% would strongly recommend it to other salespeople.


The program delivered the expected results:

  • the habits of regularly acquiring new customers, and offering additional products have become a personal challenge, not an obligation,
  • all the participants proved themselves to gain new important skills in offering life insurance policies,
  • commenced in the program internal exchange of experiences allowed agents to learn from practice and become more effective as a team,
  • a clear increase in all KPIs measured in the project has been observed.

According to the client's opinion and the business results, the one2tribe team delivered an attractive, practical, and effective program.

It happened thanks to the commitment of all parties. The Compensa project team provided us with very valuable materials and delivered great communication between all the stakeholders. Agents and managers showed great openness and trust in a new form of communication.


The"Time for Life - Play Sales" program turned out to be an effectivetool to help the dispersed team to work together to achieve an important business goal.

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Our success story in

Compensa TU na Życie

All the participating agents has started regularly offer life insurance

Increase in daily and weekly work routine has been proven

Internal exchange of experiences has been establish as a rule of daily cooperation