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and users are still highly active on the platform

Krzysztof Głowala, Business Development Specialist

Vision Express is a network of optical stores, combining medical services and sales. The company has almost 200 professional stores, in which it provides both eye tests and the selection and sale of appropriate glasses or lenses. Vision Express sells not only products of the world’s biggest brands, but also those of which it is the only distributor. As a pioneer of the optical store chain in Poland, Vision Express makes every effort to ensure the quality of customer service and a high standard of optical and ophthalmic services.

The objectives were achieved through a three-month incentive campaign conducted with the use of the Tribeware Platform.

During the first campaign on the platform, we carried out 205 tasks aimed at:

  • increasing employees’ knowledge,
  • activating exclusive brands of glasses for sale
  • obtaining feedback from them on the resources needed at the points of sale to achieve the sales targets set.

The next stage was to launch the second campaign, in which we achieved the objectives related to new products.

As a result of social missions, 1627 comments and 1503 likes appeared on the platform’s wall during the project. Quizzes checking product knowledge were also very popular among employees. The main theme of the project was the Walk of Fame, which was a fictional axis for all challenges appearing on the platform, and was the basis for creating the visual identity of the project.

During the first 3-month campaign, 95% of Vision Express employees joined in the game, 69% of whom regularly performed tasks on the incentive platform.

  • As a result of the project, the employees’ knowledge and awareness of the USP (Unique Selling Propositions) of particular glasses brands were increased, which resulted in an increase in the sales of private labels of glasses.
  • Over time, employee involvement increased to 74%.
  • The platform streamlined the process of two-way communication between points of sale and the organisation’s headquarters.  

During the project a dozen or so surveys were conducted gathering best sales practices from employees, which were later used in the course of the project, and appeared on the platform in the context of working on the quality of customer service.

The Tribeware solution also became a communication platform for several-hundred employees of the organisation, dispersed in points of sale throughout Poland.

  • Substantive materials on Vision Express products delivered through the platform proved to be helpful resources willingly used by consultants in their daily work with clients.
  • The effect of enhancing knowledge about private labels of glasses, which influenced the level of involvement of the company’s employees in the implementation of sales objectives, was achieved.

During the project, most of the employees became ambassadors of individual exclusive brands of glasses. Currently, Vision Express is continuing to use the Tribeware Platform where we are working together to achieve further goals.

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Our success story in

Significant knowledge improvement about brands available in the optical salon

Faster and accurate communication between offices and sites, including implementation of sales strategy and popularization of best practices

The client decided about the extension of the program to new groups of employees